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2000-2001 Annual Report Online
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from County Engineer Gregory J. Wilkens

March 15, 2001

To the Citizens and Board of County Commissioners of Butler County, Ohio:

I respectfully present the Butler County Engineer's 2000-2001 Annual Report for your review. The Report provides an overview of 2000 projects, a look at proposed capital improvements for 2001, and a few major projects currently in the works for 2002 and beyond. Each project listed in this Report has the direct involvement of the Butler County Engineer's Office (BCEO), including planning and engineering, funding, administration of the contract, and/or construction and inspection.

 BCEO 2000-2001 Annual Report

The 2000-2001 Annual Report covers a transitional period for the Engineer's Office, summarizing projects completed under the previous County Engineer while looking ahead to the capital improvements plan of our new administration. Last year, the BCEO was involved with the completion of over $6.5 million in projects and maintenance. Among some of the highlights:

  • 3 bridge projects;
  • 34 culvert replacements;
  • 1 roadway improvement;
  • 34.7 miles of paving;
  • Installation of raised pavement markers on 19 roads.

Additionally, 2000 continued to see momentum strengthen for the State Route 63 Corridor Study. Two public workshops were held and, with the benefit of local citizen feedback, a preferred alternative alignment was developed for the Trenton portion of the project between State Route 4 and U.S. 127.

A new year and an exciting new future lie ahead for the Butler County Engineer's Office. Several veteran personnel have been brought back to supplement an already fine staff at the BCEO. Together we plan to be involved with over $74 million in projects in this our first year, including the much needed Cincinnati Dayton Road widening in West Chester, engineering future improvements to Ohio 747, and the replacement of five major bridges with federal dollars.

Funding will be a significant factor in the development of these and many other key projects. In order to fully utilize outside State and Federal aid, additional local money sources need to be explored. More than ever, innovative funding measures will be critical as Butler County grows into the twenty-first century. Our new BCEO administration pledges a renewed and positive relationship with the Butler County Transportation Improvement District, a funding agency which has been critical in the completion of major projects such as the Union Centre Boulevard interchange and the Michael A. Fox Highway. Interagency cooperation and public-private partnering are not mere concepts anymore. They have become a fundamental reality.

As Butler County's growth continues to out pace nearly every other Ohio county, the need to maintain and upgrade our transportation infrastructure is imperative. As your new County Engineer, I look forward to the challenges and successes that lie ahead. The BCEO is committed to serving you, the citizens of Butler County, with integrity and sound engineering principles. Your safety and convenience are important to us. Thank you for your support.

Board of Butler County Commissioners:

The staff of the Butler County Engineer's Office conducts an ongoing inspection and analysis of the roads and bridges that are under our jurisdiction and make up the County system, per Section 5543.02 of the Ohio Revised Code. On the basis of these inspections and analyses, we respectfully submit this Report to the Butler County Board of Commissioners and request approval of expenses for all recommended 2001 capital improvements. These are listed in the section entitled 2001 PROPOSED CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS.

We also request the enactment of resolutions 1) for the acquisition of needed rights of way and plan preparation in accordance with our recommended improvements, and 2) to proceed by Force Account as outlined in Section 5543.19 of the Ohio Revised Code for all necessary maintenance, repair, and improvements. Materials for all Force Account projects are bid through separate contracts.

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