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1998-99 Annual Report
1998 Review....1999 Preview
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from County Engineer Dean C. Foster, P.E., P.S.

March 15, 1999

To the Citizens and Board of County Commissioners of Butler County, Ohio:

I am pleased to present the Butler County Engineer's 1998-99 Annual Report for your review. The Report provides an overview of 1998 projects, a look at proposed capital improvements for 1999, and highlights of some major projects currently in the works for 2000 and beyond. Each project listed in this Report has the direct involvement of the Butler County Engineer's Office (BCEO). This would include planning and engineering, funding, administration of the contract, and/or construction.

When you browse the 1998 Review in this Report, you will see that this Office was involved with over $18 million in projects and maintenance. Among some of the highlights:

 Annual Report print edition cover

  • 10 bridges were replaced or repaired;
  • 3 dangerous intersections were upgraded and made safer;
  • 3 major roadway improvements helped improve safety and capacity problems;
  • 50 plus miles of roadway received new, smooth pavement.

The BCEO also managed construction of the Muhlhauser Road Extension bridges for the Transportation Improvement District.

Last year, the BCEO became the first local agency in Ohio to manage federally-funded projects previously administered by the Ohio Department of Transportation. This was the first such transfer of federal projects to the local level as part of the state's new LPA (Local Public Agency) Management Program. Complete local management of these projects by the BCEO is already paying off for taxpayers, as time and money are saved by speeding up all facets of the construction process. The Engineer's Office kicked off the new program in a very big way by constructing three major LPA projects in 1998: the Cincinnati Dayton Road bridge replacement at Gano Road, the Reily Millville Road upgrade, and the Layhigh Road bridge replacement in Ross Township. We applaud this new policy by the State and believe the LPA program will be a huge success.

Technology continued to be a major focus in 1998 with completion of the BCEO's computer system upgrade and implementation of a new network. The Y2K evaluation process was begun in 1998 to ensure that the BCEO is Y2K ready. Work on this project is expected to be nearly completed by mid-1999 so that your Engineer's Office is fully Y2K ready by the dawn of the new millennium. Additionally, the BCEO's web site continued to expand and improve during 1998. Its popularity has grown even better than expected, and it continues to be a very important communications tool for the Office.

We also continued to expand our utilization of composite bridge materials last year. During the summer, a concrete conspan bridge was installed on Yankee Road in Liberty Township. The bridge utilizes composite fiber reinforcements in one section and in the wingwall. You may recall our previous work with composites on Fear Not Mills Road and the installation of the Tech 21 Bridge in 1997, Ohio's first all-composite bridge. The BCEO continues to be a national leader in the laboratory and design of composites and the field application process as well.

Please take a few moments to read through this year's Annual Report and review the past year's accomplishments of your Engineer's Office. Take a look ahead at what we also plan to be involved with in 1999 -- over $24 million in projects. Our online readers will notice faster download times with this year's Report as it has been divided into separate pages.

As always, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you the taxpayers, who are after all, our employers. Your safety and convenience are important to us as evidenced by the projects in this Report. Perhaps you may or may not be aware that outside of Butler County the BCEO enjoys a statewide reputation for its progressive approach to engineering, safety, and public involvement. Much of what we pioneer locally is watched and then implemented in other counties. We are able to function on your behalf because of your support and feedback. Thanks for a great year Butler County!

Board of Butler County Commissioners:

The staff of the Butler County Engineer's Office conducts an ongoing inspection and analysis of the roads and bridges that are under our jurisdiction and make up the County system, per Section 5543.02 of the Ohio Revised Code. On the basis of these inspections and analyses, we respectfully submit this Report to the Butler County Board of Commissioners and request approval of expenses for all recommended 1999 capital improvements. These are listed in the section entitled 1999 PROPOSED CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS.

We also request the enactment of resolutions 1) for the acquisition of needed rights of way and plan preparation in accordance with our recommended improvements, and 2) to proceed by Force Account as outlined in Section 5543.19 of the Ohio Revised Code for all necessary maintenance, repair, and improvements. Materials for all Force Account projects are bid through separate contracts.

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