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1999-2000 Annual Report
1999 Review....2000 Preview
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from County Engineer Dean C. Foster

March 15, 2000

To the Citizens and Board of County Commissioners of Butler County, Ohio:

I am pleased to present the Butler County Engineer's 1999-2000 Annual Report for your review. The Report provides an overview of 1999 projects, a look at proposed capital improvements for 2000, and a few major projects currently in the works for 2001 and beyond. Each project listed in this Report has the direct involvement of the Butler County Engineer's Office (BCEO). This would include planning and engineering, funding, administration of the contract, and/or construction.

When you browse the 1999 Review in this Report, you will see that this Office was involved with the completion of over $9.6 million in projects and maintenance. Among some of the highlights:


  • 15 bridges were replaced or repaired;
  • 36 culverts were replaced or repaired;
  • 3 dangerous intersections were upgraded and made safer;
  • 2 sections of roadway were improved;
  • 71 miles of roadway were resurfaced;
  • 3 railroad crossings were upgraded.

The year 1999 also featured major strides for the State Route 63 Corridor Study. Led by the Butler County Engineer's Office, this collective undertaking combined the energy and resources of local and regional representatives in an effort to explore solutions to growing traffic needs in northern Butler County. An east-west roadway alignment across the northern townships is the focus of this study. The project is divided into two sections:

  • Trenton subarea
  • Oxford subarea

With attention on upgrading the status of each section at the State level, the study groups committed themselves to the cause. As a result of their hard work and dedication, both portions received a significant boost when in 1999 the State's Transportation Review Advisory Council elevated the priority status of each. The Trenton subarea was given a Tier 1 ranking, ensuring construction funding for fiscal year 2004, while the Oxford portion was elevated to Tier 2 status. Readers may follow the project's development via the State Route 63 Information Page here on our web site.

Rehabilitation of the Black Covered Bridge was completed last year. Work on this beautiful and historic structure was accomplished through the combined efforts of this office with the Save Our Span Committee and the Oxford Museum Association. Crews reconstructed the two trusses, refurbished the siding and flooring, replaced numerous support beams, and installed a new roof with cedar shingles. The finished project is something Butler Countians can treasure for years to come as this remains one of only two covered bridges left in the County.

BCEO snow and ice control took another significant leap forward during 1999 with the construction of a new 6,500-ton salt dome --- more than three times larger than our original structure. This will greatly reduce the risk of running out of salt during severe winter weather events. For a complete, in-depth review of BCEO snow and ice control, please visit the new Snow Page, where you'll find a lot of helpful and fascinating information.

I hope you'll take a few moments to read through this year's Annual Report and review the past year's accomplishments of your County Engineer's Office. Take a look ahead at what we also plan to be involved with in 2000 --- over $40 million in projects, not including ongoing work on the State Route 63 Extension. You can keep track of this construction activity all year long by checking the Current Projects page and Road Closings here on www.bceo.org.

This is the BCEO's third year of offering our Annual Report to the public via our web site, where it is posted first. Online readers will notice more project pictures as well as links to other informative areas of the web site. As always your feedback is more than welcome. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you the taxpayers who are after all our employers. Your safety and convenience are important to us as evidenced by the projects in this Report. We are able to function on your behalf because of your support. Thanks for a great year Butler County!

Board of Butler County Commissioners:

The staff of the Butler County Engineer's Office conducts an ongoing inspection and analysis of the roads and bridges that are under our jurisdiction and make up the County system, per Section 5543.02 of the Ohio Revised Code. On the basis of these inspections and analyses, we respectfully submit this Report to the Butler County Board of Commissioners and request approval of expenses for all recommended 2000 capital improvements. These are listed in the section entitled 2000 PROPOSED CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS.

We also request the enactment of resolutions 1) for the acquisition of needed rights of way and plan preparation in accordance with our recommended improvements, and 2) to proceed by Force Account as outlined in Section 5543.19 of the Ohio Revised Code for all necessary maintenance, repair, and improvements. Materials for all Force Account projects are bid through separate contracts.

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