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Butler County Ohio Facts and Data
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Donald L. Dixon, President
T.C. Rogers, Vice-President
Cindy Carpenter, Member
David Fehr, Acting Administrator
Butler County Government Services Center
315 High Street
Hamilton, Ohio 45011-2759
Web Site: ButlerCountyOhio.org
Voice: 513.887.3247
Fax: 513.887.3505
Commissioners meetings
Every Monday and Thursday, 9:30 a.m. at Butler County Government Services Center, 2nd floor Hearing Room; except Tuesday after 1st Monday of month, 7:00 p.m. at township or city location.
Butler County Courthouse
Butler County Courthouse,
downtown Hamilton.
Photo by Patrick Brown,
Brown Studios.
Misc Data
County Seat Hamilton
Founded 1803 (one of Ohio's original 8 counties)
Population - 2010 official 368,130
Population - 2017 estimate 380,604
Population state rank 7th
Area 469 square miles
Area state rank 35th
Courthouse elevation 601 feet above sea level
Highest elevation 1,052 feet (near section line 8/9 between U.S. 27 and Todd Rd, Oxford Twp.
Photo: View east toward Butler County's high point...a low rise to the right of the tree line.
Photo: Another view.
Lowest elevation 520 feet (along Great Miami River, Ross Twp)
Photo: Low point along the banks of the Great Miami.
Time zone Eastern
2017 POPULATION (estimates)
Unincorporated Areas
Township Population
Fairfield Twp 22,634
Hanover Twp 8,500
Lemon Twp 2,435
Liberty Twp 38,492
Madison Twp 8,871
Milford Twp 3,714
Morgan Twp 5,796
Oxford Twp 2,196
Reily Twp 2,746
Ross Twp 8,272
St. Clair Twp 4,642
Wayne Twp 4,080
West Chester Twp 61,637
TOTAL 174,015
2017 POPULATION (estimates)
Incorporated Areas
City/Village Population
College Corner village 199 (Butler Co. only)
417 (incl. Preble Co...does not include Indiana)
Fairfield city 42,566
Hamilton city 62,092
Jacksonburg village 63
Middletown city 46,078 (Butler Co. only)
48,823 (incl. Warren Co.)
Millville village 728
Monroe city 13,542 (Butler Co. only)
13,683 (incl. Warren Co.)
New Miami village 2,349
Oxford city 22,859
Seven Mile village 780
Sharonville city 2,421 (Butler Co. only)
13,797 (incl. Hamilton Co.)
Trenton city 12,912
TOTAL 206,589
Total Countywide
Butler County Population
2017 estimate 380,604
2016 estimate 377,537
2015 estimate 376,353
2014 estimate 374,158
2013 estimate 371,272
2012 estimate 370,589
2011 estimate 369,999
2010 official 368,130
2009 estimate 363,184
2008 estimate 362,972
2007 estimate 357,888
2006 estimate 354,992
2005 estimate 349,966
2004 estimate 346,560
2003 estimate 343,207
2002 estimate 340,543
2000 official 332,807
1998 estimate 330,428
1996 estimate 323,579
1994 estimate 316,115
1992 estimate 305,041
1990 official 291,479
1980 official 258,787
1970 official 226,207
1960 official 199,076
1950 official 147,203
1940 official 120,249
1930 official 114,084
1920 official 87,025
1910 official 70,271
1900 official 56,870
Center-line Miles
Effective January 1, 2019
Roads Mileage
County-maintained roads 266.7 miles
Township-maintained roads 786.7 miles
State-maintained roads
(1 interstate hwy, 3 U.S. hwys, 15 state routes in unincorporated and incorporated areas)
236.2 miles
Center-line miles
Effective January 1, 2019
Township County-maintained Roads Township-maintained Roads
Fairfield Twp 14.2 miles 80.1 miles
Hanover Twp 25.6 miles 36.0 miles
Lemon Twp 0 miles 11.2 miles
Liberty Twp 27.8 miles 148.1 miles
Madison Twp 23.9 miles 52.2 miles
Milford Twp 20.6 miles 33.4 miles
Morgan Twp 26.8 miles 31.0 miles
Oxford Twp 18.3 miles 27.0 miles
Reily Twp 30.1 miles 34.1 miles
Ross Twp 13.0 miles 47.0 miles
St. Clair Twp 20.8 miles 33.3 miles
Wayne Twp 14.2 miles 30.1 miles
West Chester Twp 31.4 miles 223.2 miles
TOTAL 266.7 miles 786.7 miles

  • The only President to attend school in Butler County was Benjamin Harrison.
  • Butler County has three airports -- Butler County Regional Airport in Hamilton/Fairfield, Hook Field Municipal Airport in Middletown, and Miami University Airport in Oxford Township.
  • Monroe was the most recent incorporated area in Butler County to grow from being a village to a city.
  • Reily and Morgan Townships are the only Butler County townships that do not have at least part of an incorporated area within their boundaries.
  • The soldier on top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Hamilton is identified with the Civil War.
  • The Cities of Middletown and Monroe each overlap into neighboring Warren County.
  • The City of Sharonville, primarily in Hamilton County, overlaps into Butler County's West Chester Township.
  • The Village of College Corner overlaps north into Preble County and west into the State of Indiana....the state line runs through the center of town.
  • The Village of Jacksonburg is Ohio's smallest incorporated community.
  • Armco Steel (now AK Steel) in Middletown began operations in 1902.
  • During World War l, the Liberty Bell traveled through Hamilton at 4th and High Street on a train and also stopped at the San Francisco Exposition.
  • The first roads paved in Butler County were in 1897.
  • The first explorer to reach Butler County arrived in 1749 and was from France.
  • The first hospital in Butler County was Mercy Hospital, built in 1892.
  • Lane Public Library first opened its doors in 1866.
  • In 1885, the telephone became available to a large number of citizens in Middletown.
  • The last settler killed by Indians in Butler County occurred in 1790.
  • The Miami-Erie Canal passed through Butler County and connected the Ohio River at Cincinnati to Lake Erie near Toledo.
  • The highest per capita concentration of veterans in the whole country from one war is in Butler County. That war was the Vietnam War.
  • Six counties border Butler County -- Preble, Montgomery, Warren, Hamilton, Franklin (Indiana), and Union (Indiana).
  • Miami University in Oxford was the first college established west of the Allegheny Mountains.
  • Butler County was the birthplace of a czar -- Kenesaw Mountain Landis, born in Millville, who became the first Commissioner of Baseball.
  • Three Butler County townships were named after famous generals -- Morgan, Wayne, and St. Clair.
  • The first Butler County Fair was held in 1831.
  • Construction of Butler County's section of Interstate 75 began in 1958.

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