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We've created this page as a place to display some miscellaneous images of Butler County because we didn't know where else to put them. Actually, a few of these do appear elsewhere on this web site but we thought it would be appropriate to include them here too.

The idea is to have a spot for some historical, unusual, or just ordinary photos that typify Butler County. We hope to gradually add more. To make a suggestion or contribute a photo, email the webmaster.

Click here for the BCEO Snowfighters Gallery
Click here for pics from the aftermath of the Blizzard of '78
Click here for 2001 flash flood damage photos.
Click here for 2003 flash flood damage photos.

All photos by BCEO or from BCEO historical records unless otherwise noted. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Woodsdale Covered Bridge
Woodsdale Covered Bridge over Great Miami River. Date unknown. Current site of Liberty Fairfield Road bridge.
Brookville Road old truss bridge
Brookville Road old truss bridge over Indian Creek, Oxford Twp. This scenic bridge had become unsafe and was replaced in 1996.
Butler County Courthouse
Butler County Courthouse, downtown Hamilton. Photo by Patrick Brown, Brown Studios.
Blizzard of '78
Blizzard of '78. State Line Center Road, January 1978. Click here for blizzard overview and photos.
Seven Mile Covered Bridge
Seven Mile Covered Bridge. No longer standing.
Bebb Park Covered Bridge
Bebb Park Covered Bridge, Governor Bebb Preserve. Photo courtesy of Butler County MetroParks.
High Street Suspension Bridge
High Street Suspension Bridge across the Great Miami River, Hamilton. Bridge stood from 1866-1895.
Black Covered Bridge
Black Covered Bridge, Oxford Twp. Restored 1998-99. Click here for more photos, restoration and historical info.
High point
Butler County's high point -- 1,052 feet -- a rather unspectacular low rise to the right of the treeline, Oxford Twp. View east.
1875 Butler County map. Actual map is in color. This and older maps, broken into detail by township and city, are on file at the BCEO.
Snowy scene in Reily Twp
Snowy scene in Reily Twp. Scenic church in the distance is on Springfield Road. Photo taken from Gray Road.
Low point
Butler County's low point -- 520 feet -- along the banks of the Great Miami River in Ross Twp.
Elk Creek Falls
Falls on Elk Creek in northern Wayne Twp. This photo was used for the BCEO's 1980 map cover.
Elk Creek Falls
Another view of the Falls on Elk Creek. The falls are located on private property.
Indian Creek Road old truss bridge
Indian Creek Road old truss bridge over Indian Creek, Reily Twp. Replaced in 1999.
Elk Creek Falls
Grinn and Barret in West Chester Township.
Butler County...home to Ohio's smallest incorporated village.

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