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Engineering Department


The BCEO Engineering Department is a multi-disciplined group that initiates the project development process. Our Planning Group is responsible for prioritizing short-range and long-range construction projects. An important asset of this group is the ability to search for and acquire local, state, and federal funding sources so that additional projects can be constructed while minimizing local dollars.

The Geographic Information System (GIS) division uses digital mapping of Butler County for the purpose of query, analysis, and generation of maps and reports. Our surveyors attain topographic field data by utilizing GPS equipment, performs construction layouts and any other surveying needed for our projects.

The Design Group is responsible for both in-house design and project management of culverts, bridges, intersections, and any other roadway projects on both the township and County system. Once plans are complete they are given to our Right-of-Way Acquisition Group so that appropriate work agreements and easements are obtained.

Additionally, the following divisions fall under the Engineering Department:


The BCEO Traffic Division is responsible for the engineering, design, installation, and maintenance of all traffic control devices, including signals, signage, and lane markings. Speed limits are also established by this group, which conducts speed studies in some cases to determine if a speed limit should be changed. Various traffic studies are performed in the planning of future roadway projects utilizing data that is collected and maintained by the office, including traffic counts and accident data.

Development Services

Development Services reviews construction drawings for proposed residential subdivisions and commercial developments within the unincorporated areas of Butler County. To ensure new development follows the mission of the County Engineer's Office, two major components of the plan get evaluated -- traffic and drainage.

For more information, click on the Development Services page below.

GIS / Tax Map / Records / IT

The GIS / Tax Map Department is responsible for providing a map to assist the County Auditor in preparing taxes. Ohio law mandates that the County Engineer create and organize the map of his/her community. This tax map must be updated on a daily basis to reflect changes in property ownership. This responsibility entails creating and maintaining a detailed inventory of every parcel of land in the county. A map must be drawn for every parcel of property in the county and this map must be to scale. The County Auditor's office uses this map as its official record for property tax purposes.

Per the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), the County Engineer is responsible for maintaining public records and certain items of historical data. This information is made available to the general public.

One of the most critical aspects of making sure that BCEO employees can do their jobs falls under Information Services and Technology (IT), which is responsible for acquiring and maintaining all computers, servers, and communication equipment. The IT group operates under the premise that changes in computer systems and planning should be a dynamic process improving efficiency and services, reducing costs, and providing the County with up-to-date management tools to better serve the public. IT Office support services include programming, personal computer hardware and software support, records scanning, logistical support, and network services.

For more information, click on the GIS / Tax Map page below.


For an employee contact directory, go to Contact Us.

  • Project planning and engineering. Contact: Dale Schwieterman
  • Project scheduling and budgeting. Contact: Dale Schwieterman
  • Grants and federal aid development. Contact: Dale Schwieterman
  • Bridge inspection program. Contact: Kar Singh
  • Bridge rehabilitation and new bridge design. Contact: Kar Singh
  • Culvert design. Contact: Kar Singh
  • Roadway and intersection design. Contact: Kar Singh
  • Consultant plan review and project coordination. Contact: Kar Singh
  • Traffic engineering, including traffic signals, speed studies, and accident analysis. Contact: Matt Loeffler
  • GIS development. Contact: Lydia Thacker
  • Surveying, including topographical, boundary, and right-of-way. Contact: Patrick Benson
  • Permanent copies of all road plans. Contact: Patrick Benson
  • Survey plats for Townships and County. Contact: Lydia Thacker
  • Deed research for right-of-way acquisition. Contact: Shirley Oney
  • Right-of-way / property acquisition. Contact: Shirley Oney, Tim Smith
  • Engineering review for Butler County Planning Commission on new subdivision developments. Contact: Eric Pottenger
  • Residential and commercial development services. Contact: Eric Pottenger
  • Inspects construction of subdivision streets -- Storm sewers, storm water management systems, road and bridge design, soil and erosion control measures, and traffic control. Contact: Eric Pottenger
  • Assists Butler County Building and Zoning Department in review of drainage for commercial and industrial site plans. Contact: Eric Pottenger
  • Commercial development site reviews. Contact: Teresa Barnes
  • Driveway and right-of-way permit review and issuance. Contact: Jody Bohn
  • Keeps tax plats of all land in the County by lot number, parcel number, and acreage. Contact: Lydia Thacker
  • Maintenance and upkeep of information for 911 emergency system. Contact:Lydia Thacker
  • Assigns new addresses. Contact: Lydia Thacker
  • Checks survey plats and records them. Contact: Lydia Thacker
  • Tax maps, survey plats, and record plats available for $1.00 per sheet. Contact:Lydia Thacker
  • Records -- Permanent copies of all bridge plans, maps, topos, aerial photos, benchmarks, and land records. (Public access to these records is always available.) Contact: Lydia Thacker
  • Information Systems -- Maintenance and operation of computers and local area network (LAN). Contact: Steven Gingerich

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