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What People Are Saying About Our Web Site and Other Comments

Please email us with your comments, good or bad, and suggestions for how we can improve this site.

"Sometimes I find myself stunned at how well you take care of our roads in Butler County. I appreciate that."

  • Email from T.S

"Wanted to let you know this is a great web site, and has great information concerning all the road projects and other engineering information for Butler County."

  • Email from J.M., Fairfield Township.

"I recently located your beautifully developed web site and placed in a hallowed position on my desktop......your department has and does a magnificent job in the maintenance of our county roads. Your crews are some of the most dedicated individuals we have met......"

  • Email from W.R., Milford Township.

"The new map online is AWESOME as well."

  • Email from Liberty Township.

"....my compliments on the best website of its kind in our area."

  • Email from Middletown, Ohio.

"Would like to make mention that I LOVE your web site. Very, very impressive."

  • Email from Ross Township.

"Obviously the website is great, very informative and very well organized. I would also like to say that the work and the amount of projects handled is also just as impressive. I have lived in Butler County (from Hamilton Co.) for about 7 years now. I have never seen the amount of work being done so quickly and efficiently than I have until I got here. I don't think there was ever a time where I thought to myself, 'this needs to be changed' before you guys already had it proposed or done. We pay a decent amount of....taxes, but I don't mind paying as long as I can see improvements being done. There has never been a time where your office let me down in that regards. All projects I have seen, were needed and done very quickly and without too much disruption to normal traffic. I wanted to make my point to you to keep up the great work, both on the website and in the field!! Thank you!"

  • Email from Butler County resident.

"I live on (County road) and noticed your truck going by spraying the road yesterday, it came to me to check your web site. Glad to see you are trying out a new, more efficient way of snow removal and seems to be effective......Can't wait to see the white stuff and its effectiveness. Think snow!"

  • Email from Butler County resident.

"Great website as opposed to other government/city websites. Well organized, many links to access local information, very professional and impressive website - nice job!"

"Your web site is a nice place to visit"

  • Email from Hamilton, Ohio.

"Thanks for your prompt reply to my question. With so much growth going on in this area and so much road work, it is nice to be able to track it on your excellent web site and know that someone will actually respond when I have inquiries."

  • Email from West Chester Township, Butler County.

"...and great web site."

  • Email from Ft. Wright, Kentucky.

"Check out the web site of the Butler County Engineer's Office, www.bceo.org, where County Engineer Greg Wilkens' office maintains a thorough, up-to-date trove of information about area roads and construction...."

"Hi, your web site is very informative and easy to navigate."

  • Email from Wayne Township, Butler County.

"Some months ago you were kind enough to respond to a question I had about the possible widening of Rt 4 By-Pass. If I didn't thank you then I do so now. It is unfortunate that the perceived image of getting an answer from a government body in a timely fashion is negative. You proved otherwise."

  • Email from B.H.

"Excellent web site. Easy to move around. Plenty of useful information."

  • Email from Liberty Township, Butler County.

"Your site is very informative and includes a lot of information that is just good to know."

  • Email from Oxford, Ohio.

"We just moved to Butler County and I checked out your web site for road information because a neighbor had told me about it. Very helpful and up to date. Yours is the best government web site I've seen. It beats all the others hands down. Keep up the good work."

  • Email from West Chester Township, Butler County.

"I am a reporter with (a local daily newspaper) and I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your website. It is always up to date and informative and I really appreciate how much time it saves me when I'm working on a story which involves the BCEO. It makes it so much easier for me because I can view the site, get information, and when I talk to (your staff), I know exactly what questions I need to ask which saves a lot of time. I am constantly amazed at how well it is maintained. Thank you for your efforts."

  • Email from Hamilton, Ohio.

"I really do like your web site. Keep up the good work."

  • Email from Hamilton, Ohio.

"We have added your very important and impressive web site to the links page of our site."

"Keep up the great web site. It is very informative."

  • Email from Morgan Township.

"Just wanted to say you're doing a great job with this website. The worst part of living in this community is the traffic, so it's wonderful to be able to check you out once in a while and see what's going on. Thanks, and keep up the good work!"

  • Email from unidentified web surfer.

"I'm just writing to say how much I like what you've done on your Website. Very clean and clear design. It also looks like you get good cooperation from BCEO departments....Good work."

  • Email from webmaster in Hamilton County, Ohio.

"One of the best county project websites I've found! Tell the other Ohio County webmasters to follow your lead!"

"Thanks for the prompt responses in the past. I agree with many others. Great site and good maintenance of the site."

  • Email from S.H.

"I like your Web site. Very easy to navigate and obtain information."

  • Email from R.R.

"First let me start off by saying what a wonderful web site you folks have. It makes it very convenient to just pull up this site & see what's going on in Butler County without pestering the engineering department...I'm inquiring about several projects that you have slated for 1999, 2000, and beyond...."

  • Email from Findlay, Ohio.

"A good example of county government giving online information on road and highway work and plans."

  • AboutPolitics Political Site of the Day comment upon nominating www.bceo.org web site of the day for January 9, 1999.

"I found your site from http://www.aboutpolitics.com. It is very, very good. I wish we had one like it here in Salt Lake City, Utah!!"

  • Email from Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Miami University Police Department thanks BCEO for the dozen maps your office sent so quickly. We have placed them in our patrol vehicles and dispatch area so our personnel can assist the many persons seeking directions in the county. Again, many thanks for the quick response to our request."

  • Email from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

"Thanks for your remarkably prompt reply. Government does listen to citizens!...Thank you again for being so responsive a part of our local government. I greatly appreciate it."

  • Email from Oxford, Ohio in response to the following BCEO reply:
    • "Thank you for pointing out the map errors concerning Walnut and Collins Streets in Oxford....We often rely on citizens like you to help us....from pointing out map errors to bringing a hazardous road situation to our attention. I am indeed grateful to you and others who take the time. Please let us know anytime you have additional concerns."

"This web site is extremely useful. It is organized so that citizens can access the type of information they need. I own property in Butler County, and I found this to be exactly the kind of information I would like to be informed about. This should be a model for other government web sites. Thanks!"

  • Email from Guilford, Indiana.

"This is to let you know that you did a great job on this web site. Very professional and straightforward....The projects of current to the year 2000 were most interesting. The question I had about the 129 and Liberty Fairfield intersection was answered without picking up the phone and getting the runaround. It was great. Keep up the great work!!!"

  • Email from Fairfield Township, Butler County.

"I appreciate the effort you have put into your web page, and I visit it frequently, however I would like to suggest that you reconsider the combinations of colors you are using. I reference specifically the bcdata.html page. When you print this page on a gray scale laser printer, the data becomes unreadable....I would suspect that most business people who visit your site would use a laser gray scale printer as opposed to a color printer...."

  • Email from Fairfield, Ohio business.
    • BCEO response: "Excellent point. You will note that I have changed the page based on your suggestion. Please try printing it again. Let me know of any other problems you encounter using our web site."

"Thank you very much for the update (email and referral to this web site). We were both pleased and surprised to actually get a response from an email....It's nice to know we live in a county that's actually using modern technology to its advantage."

  • Email from Reily Township, Butler County.

"I just visited your web page. Good job! It has good graphics and is very informative."

  • Email from M.H.

"Excellent site. Good approach -- no flash, easy to maintain, therefore lots of current content. Found my way to your site through an article in Advanced Materials and Processes, Nov. 97 bridge article...."

  • Email from C.A.

"We're about to do a composite bridge story. I have one question about the BCEO web site. Is day-to-day information from the new (Tech 21) bridge's strain monitoring system available on the site, or is that kind of stuff only (accessible) to your engineers?....The web site itself, by the way, is very impressive. Very informative and easy to use."

  • Email from David George, CNN.

"Greetings from Western Australia. I am presently researching the durability of aluminum culverts for Consulting Engineers in Perth. Would very much appreciate some details of materials used in your culvert replacement program. Thank you.

  • Email from Australia.

"I work for the North Dakota (deleted)...I give presentations to township meetings talking about liability exposures. In North Dakota, the vast majority of the township roads are gravel. Most of the townships contract their road maintenance work and signing with the respective county where the township is located. However, the majority of these contracts do not mention the issues of culvert and sign locations. In other words, there has never been an inventory conducted showing the locations and condition of signs and culverts...I am trying to locate inventory log sheets or forms for our townships to use to establish a baseline database. Can't seem to find anything...I have tried a couple of LTAP centers but not had any luck...Whatever you have or can suggest would be appreciated."

  • Email from North Dakota.
    • BCEO response: "The Butler County Engineer's Office has logged and inspected all culverts on County roads and on the Townships' "through" roads. This would exclude subdivision streets. This culvert inventory data is not available online...but I will fax you the form we use for culvert inspections and two sample pages from our culvert inspection data. Best wishes."

Questions or comments about this web site? Email to BCEO Webmaster.

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