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Northwest Butler Transportation Study

Last updated: October 15, 2003.

Meetings & Public Announcements
OKI Board Approves NBTS Study Findings
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NBTS Advisory Committee recommends Alternative 5C
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NBTS Study Update
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April Public Workshop Overview
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NBTS Public Contact
Robert Koehler, P.E. - Transportation Planning Manager
OKI Regional Council of Governments
720 East Pete Rose Way, Suite 420
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 621-6300 • Fax (513) 621-9325
TTY/TDD (513) 621-7063
What is a Transportation Study?

A transportation study is in-depth research of an area’s transportation needs and possible solutions to transportation-related problems. Studies do not begin with proposals for new roads, nor do they focus on existing roads. A transportation study begins by determining transportation goals for the area. All alternatives are examined with these goals in mind in order to develop efficient and locally responsive solutions. Possible solutions from the Northwest Butler Transportation Study (NBTS) may fall into three categories: an Upgrade Alternative; a Build Alternative; and a No Build Alternative.

Detailed analyses of traffic and accidents; natural resources and environmental issues; engineering and technical feasibility; and historic and prehistoric resources are performed within a study corridor. This information is combined with input from the community. Residents, business owners, local leaders, civic groups and others are encouraged to take part in the study through public meetings and related activities.

Where is the Study Area?

The NBTS grew out of early discussions to address transportation problems across northern Butler County. The original corridor stretched from east to west, with a Trenton sub-area and an Oxford sub-area. The Trenton portion of the project developed into the proposed State Route 63 Extension. The western portion of the project is now the NBTS. The NBTS local advisory committee began meeting in Fall, 2000. One of the committee’s first official actions was to extend the study area to the north and south along State Route 27.

The current NBTS area is more than 125 square miles with approximately 80,000 residents. It includes nearly 80 miles of state or federally maintained roads, including portions of U.S. Routes 27 and 127, and State Routes 73, 129, 130, and 177.

The area involves the City of Oxford, Oxford Township, Ross Township, Reily Township, Hanover Township, Milford Township, Morgan Township, Wayne Township, St. Clair Township, and the Villages of Seven Mile, Millville and College Corner.

Study area.

What is the NBTS Advisory Committee?

The NBTS advisory committee is comprised of representatives from Butler County government, development and transit; local business interests and the agricultural community; Metro Parks; Hueston Woods; the League of Women Voters; Talawanda Schools; and Miami University. Elected and citizen representatives from Oxford, the townships and the villages in the project area also are on the committee. The committee composed the following guidelines for the study.


      • To identify transportation problems that affect the safe and efficient movement of people and goods in northwest Butler County.
      • To determine an effective, comprehensive, implementable transportation solution that is consistent with the area’s land use planning goals.

Project Goals

      • Improve the movement of people & goods.
      • Improve vehicular and pedestrian safety.
      • Improve access and connectivity between the study area and regional neighbors.
      • Ensure that recommended transportation solutions are compatible with and support land use plans and goals.

Who is OKI?

OKI is the Ohio•Kentucky•Indiana Regional Council of Governments, and Butler County is one of the eight counties in OKI’s area.

As a regional planning entity, one of OKI’s primary responsibilities is promoting cooperative transportation planning among local, county, state and federal agencies. Together with the Butler County Engineer’s Office (BCEO), the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), OKI is overseeing the NBTS.

When is Construction Planned?

Because there is no designated “build” alternative yet, there is no pending construction on the calendar. This study is an early step in the transportation planning process.

For example, if you were thinking of moving or building a new home, you would analyze the advantages and disadvantages to buying an existing home versus building new. You would take time to find a suitable location, scout out potential lots, neighborhoods and communities. Numerous steps would be taken before any papers were signed, land purchased or machinery moved. This is the same idea.

If alternatives for new construction arise from the NBTS, the next step is preliminary design and further environmental analysis (see NBTS Fact Sheet 2: Environmental Resources), which is followed by final design. We are in the earliest stages of transportation planning at the local level.

Is this Part of the SR 63 Extension?

No. The BCEO is planning the extension of S.R. 63 from S.R. 4 west to U.S. 127 in the Seven Mile area. The S.R. 63 Extension project grew from the early Trenton Bypass concept.

The current NBTS grew out of the preliminary discussions to extend S.R. 63 west and address the transportation needs across northern Butler County, but the two projects are distinct from each other today.

What is the NBTS Schedule?

The study has just begun and is expected to be completed by Summer 2003. Upon the study’s completion, a plan will be presented for the review and approval of OKI, ODOT, FHWA, BCEO, BCRTA, local elected officials and others.

How about Public Input?

A public meeting was held on May 23, 2001 at the Marshall Elementary School south of Oxford. Over 80 people attended the meeting which provided an opportunity for public input regarding local transportation needs and problems. A second public meeting was held on April 2, 2003 with nearly 200 people attending. Click here for an overview with photos and displays from that meeting. The public can still submit comments regarding the study to NBTS Project Manager Robert Koehler at OKI. All meetings will be posted in the gray box at the top of this page.

Terms to know.For more information contact:

Robert Koehler, P.E. - Transportation Planning Manager
Ohio•Kentucky•Indiana Regional Council of Governments
720 East Pete Rose Way, Suite 420
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 621-6300 • Fax (513) 621-9325

TTY/TDD (513) 621-7063
e-mail: rkoehler@oki.org

To NBTS Fact Sheet 2: Environmental Resources
To NBTS Fact Sheet 3: Traffic and Safety

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