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* News Release *
Wednesday, March 15, 2000
For Immediate Release


Butler County motorists may have noticed painted white marks on area roadways in recent weeks, particularly in the Trenton area between State Route 4 and U.S. 127. These marks, most of which are a white X or >, are control points for aerial photography and mapping currently being conducted by the County. A control point gives an exact location and elevation on the ground so that once photos are taken from a specially-equipped airplane, an accurate map may be prepared. The white marks will show up in the photos and will be used to establish exact distances and elevations as the photos are used to make a detailed map.

Aerial mapping is being prepared for the countywide Geographic Information System (GIS). Many counties are converting to this new system in which all mapping is computerized and depicts utility locations, survey benchmarks, parcel and plat info, roads, and other similar information.

The current aerial mapping is more heavily concentrated around Trenton since this area is being studied for major highway improvements, including a possible extension of State Route 63. The Trenton study area is about a mile wide by 10 miles long.

County Engineer Dean C. Foster says it is important that citizens understand the white marks in the Trenton area do not indicate an exact location of any future roadway improvements. These are just control points as described above. An exact location for the proposed SR 63 Extension is being studied but has not yet been established. The aerial photos must be taken in mid- to late winter before tree and crop foliage becomes too dense and obscures the ground from the aerial camera's view.

Aerial Photo Update for the Trenton Area

Butler County residents in the Trenton area may have noticed an orange and white twin-engine airplane lapping back and forth across the sky on Tuesday, March 14. That plane was taking the aerial photos for the Trenton area studies. As soon as the images taken on this flight have been processed, an example will be posted on the SR 63 Information Page here on the BCEO's web site.

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