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* News Release *
Tuesday, March 28, 2000
For Immediate Release


Butler County Engineer Dean C. Foster announces the online release of the BCEO 1999-2000 Annual Report, which combines an overview of 1999 activities with the BCEO's 2000 capital improvements plan. This marks the second year the Annual Report has been posted online before release of the print version. Continued growth of the Internet and the popularity of the BCEO's web site have prompted the shift from a print emphasis to electronic preference. This year's online version follows the same format as last year's which was designed to load into browsers more quickly.

The 1999-2000 Annual Report outlines an estimated $40 million in maintenance and projects that will receive study, planning and engineering, or construction this year, including:

  • 12 bridge projects totaling $10,689,649;
  • 32 culvert replacements totaling $997,742;
  • 8 intersection upgrades totaling $1,679,844;
  • 7 roadway improvements totaling $22,027,820 (not including the State Route 63 Extension);
  • 50 miles of paving and berming on County and Township roads totaling $3,300,000.

Among the construction highlights for 2000 are the following projects:

  • Major bridge replacements on California Road, Okeana Drewersburg Road, Ross Hanover Road, and Mill Road;
  • Intersection improvement at Cincinnati Dayton Road and Kyles Station Road;
  • Intersection improvement at Eaton Road and Taylor School Road;
  • Cincinnati Dayton Road widening from Mauds Hughes Road to I-75;
  • Port Union Road widening from Ohio 747 to the Fairfield city limits.

Additionally, studies will continue on the proposed extension of State Route 63 across the northern townships, and design and engineering of the proposed upgrade at the Liberty Fairfield / Princeton Road intersection will ready that project for 2001.

Nineteen-ninety-nine is also reviewed in the BCEO Annual Report. Road, bridge, and culvert activity is outlined as is subdivision development, plat information, and population growth. Liberty Township had the highest number of lots developed for the second year in a row, followed by Fairfield Township and the City of Monroe. A review of general and seasonal maintenance is also provided in the Report, including the BCEO's new, larger salt dome that was constructed last year.

Since funding is a key element in the planning and execution of all capital improvement and maintenance projects, the Report furnishes an explanation of primary funding sources, local match requirements, 1999 expenditures, and 2000 projected revenues. The majority of the County Engineer's revenue comes from gasoline taxes and license plate fees, which generate approximately $9 million a year for the Engineer's Office.

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