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* News Release *
Monday, December 15, 2003
For Immediate Release


Butler County Engineer Greg Wilkens submitted a proposal for traffic Access Management to County Commissioners this morning. The proposed Access Management Regulations document outlines a system for managing access to the public roadway system. This includes controlling the number and spacing of new commercial and residential driveways tying into public roads. Reducing the number of direct accesses onto public roads is an important component of the plan. "As Butler County grows and traffic increases, a mechanism for managing access to our roadways will provide for greater public safety and help reduce congestion," Wilkens said.

Ohio law states that counties and townships may establish regulations to manage access to the public roadway system. Butler is only the second county to establish such a plan. An Access Management Advisory Committee was organized by Wilkens and the first official meeting was held last April. Comprised of various elected and public officials as well as local business and community leaders from the private sector, the Committee was organized for the purpose of review and consideration of the proposed access management guidelines developed by the County Engineer.

"Many of the rules and regulations submitted in the document are already in practice by the Butler County Engineer's Office," Wilkens noted. "We believe they represent a strong but fair approach to access management on our public road system." If approved, the document will make the proposed regulations law and give validity to current BCEO access management practices. Today's proposal to the County Commissioners begins the next phase of the review process, which will involve two public hearings next summer and final adoption by the Commissioners pending any modifications. Wilkens said he hopes to see the plan implemented by January 2005.

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