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* News Release *
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
For Immediate Release

Four New Snow and Ice Control Trucks

BCEO snow and ice control crews were pressed into action for the first time this season when Butler County had its first brush with winter weather last week. While the accumulating snow didn't last more than a few hours due to warm ground conditions, County Engineer Greg Wilkens says his office is ready for the real stuff. The Engineer's Office recently purchased four new snow and ice control trucks to solidify an already top notch operation.

"I believe our snow and ice control efforts are among the best in the state," he said. "We have experienced and well-trained crews, reliable equipment, and place a strong emphasis on preparedness." The BCEO's snow and ice control operation received numerous accolades last year following the massive snowstorm that dumped up to two feet of snow on Butler County right before the Christmas holidays.

Four New Trucks Added To Fleet

To improve snow removal efficiency even more, four new state-of-the-art trucks have been added to the Engineer's fleet for the upcoming winter -- three tandem-axle trucks and one single-axle truck. The tandems hold up to 15 tons of salt and 218 gallons of liquid calcium or brine, according to Wilkens, while the single-axle holds 12 tons of salt and 150 gallons of liquid.

"The addition of these new trucks will greatly improve our overall program as they are more cost-effective, reliable, and safer for our drivers," noted BCEO Operations Deputy Scott Bressler. "This also enables us to take older trucks and downgrade them to secondary units, thereby replacing older, aging trucks that are much less efficient. The secondary trucks can always be ready if problems develop so there is minimal down time. Incorporating the new trucks also allows the secondary trucks to be used for pre-treating our roads with salt brine, so there is less time spent loading and unloading the brine tanks."

For a complete overview of BCEO snow and ice control operations, please visit the Snowfighters page here on our web site.

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For more information contact:

Chris Petrocy, BCEO Public Information Supervisor
Greg Wilkens, P.E., P.S., Butler County Engineer
Phone 513.867.5744 • Fax 513.867.5849

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