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* News Release *
Friday, November 2, 2012
For Immediate Release

Trenton Road at Busenbark and Riverside Drive

The Butler County Engineer's Office has received honors for another of its expanding lineup of roundabouts. County Engineer Greg Wilkens accepted an award this week from the American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) for the Trenton Road at Busenbark / Riverside Drive project completed last year. The ASHE Regional Project-of-the-Year Award recognizes this innovative BCEO project in the category of construction projects costing under $3 million.

The Trenton Road roundabout in St. Clair Township was designed and built in conjunction with the new Edgewood High School. Situated on the roundabout's west side, the new school's primary access drive connects to the roundabout hub, easing traffic into and out of the school in a safe, efficient manner. The project also addressed the skewed and offset approaches of the three intersecting roads at this location. "It was an awkward and sometimes confusing situation for motorists, especially those not familiar with the area," said Wilkens. "We've had great success with modern roundabouts elsewhere in the County and felt that this was the safest, most cost-effective solution for the Trenton Road at Busenbark and Riverside Drive intersection. It has provided a safer situation for student drivers, pedestrians, and the traveling public."

Construction crews from contractor W.G. Stang, Inc. LLC of Hamilton completed the project in just over two months, performing the work during the summer when school was not in session. The final cost of the project was $695,698.

Wilkens notes that this was the fourth roundabout built on the Butler County roadway system. A fifth was completed earlier this year in Liberty Township and two more are slated for 2013. "The modern roundabout has proven to be an excellent option," he said. "We're pleased that the ASHE selection committee recognized the uniqueness of this particular project based on our sensitivity to environmental issues, forward thinking design, and the collaborative funding effort with the local school district."

Roadway and bridge projects are submitted for the award based upon unique characteristics and difficult challenges such as special construction techniques, maintenance of traffic, and funding and right-of-way issues.

Click on images to enlarge.
ASHE award plaque
Previous condition with project plan overlay
Completed roundabout
  • More images of the roundabout construction and completion can be seen here.
  • Learn more about modern roundabouts on the BCEO Traffic page.

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