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* News Release *
Monday, April 27, 1998
For Immediate Release


Butler County Engineer Dean C. Foster reports that www.bceo.org, the online service of the Butler County Engineer's Office, has been in operation for one full year. This was the first web site established by a County agency in Butler County.

"We've come a long way in the past year," said Chris Petrocy, Public Information Officer and Webmaster. "We've added a lot of new and helpful information, employee email, and redesigned it a bit from its early beginnings. It's not the fanciest site on the Internet. There aren't a lot of bells and whistles and smoke and mirrors. But we have evolved it into what we believe to be a straightforward, easy to use site with lots of good information."

The site has received over 7,500 hits since a counter was added last May, which pleases BCEO officials. "That's not bad for a relatively small County agency with a very specific theme -- roads and bridges," Petrocy added. "It's become the most useful communications tool we have in terms of reaching the general public with information about their County roadway system."

Plans call for continued expansion and improvement of the site, such as adding permit forms and getting the BCEO's official transportation map digitized and placed online. Petrocy noted that the BCEO has managed to accomplish a tremendous amount in the development of this site already without spending a lot of the taxpayer's money. It has been developed entirely in-house, as opposed to hiring an expensive outside advertising agency.

For a quick and general overview of www.bceo.org, see the Site Contents page.

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Questions or comments about this web site? Email to BCEO Webmaster.

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